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From Serena:

INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, INGENIOUS, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, MY MIRICLE WORKER…Those words don’t touch the surface when describing Dr. Joe Burnham. There is an upbeat greatness contained within Burnham Chiropractic, he and his staff. He is one of a kind, unique. He thinks outside of the box. “Can’t” is not in his vocabulary. For as long as I can remember my entire body was in pain due to severe, repetitive trauma from infancy until June 2014.  I had resigned myself to the cold hard facts; I will always be in pain so just deal with it. Soon I found myself sinking from the weight of my pain and all that it entailed. I wish I had found Dr. Burnham years ago and I could have avoided:


  • Tremendous Amounts of Medications that changed almost like a revolving door leaving me to my own defenses to cope and endure the side effects of each
  • Countless Miscellaneous Doctors and Specialists
  • 22 shots Around and On My Spine
  • Epidurals for my back
  • Physical Therapy Over and Over Again
  • An Overwhelming Number of Neurologists
  • Uncountable Chiropractors
  • Numerous Cardiologists;
  • Copious Numbers of Pain Management
  • Profuse Number of Rheumatologists
  • Several Orthopedic doctors
  • And so much more

  Dr. Burnham changed my life in just one visit. I no longer live under the cloud of doubt and fear of having a life of never ending pain. I look forward to each visit with Dr. Burnham.  I walked in with severe pain and walked out a new person. He changed my negative thinking about me, my health, pain and skepticism, to “I WILL ABSOLUTELY HAVE A PAIN FREE LIFE!”

Keep an open mind, allow him to change your life-inside and out. CALL NOW, TODAY!

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My staff and I are dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of their health. Our team will help get you on the road to recovery without the use of drugs or surgery. Our approach is primarily evidence-based, and always patient-centered. We are a family practice, with a focus on postural correction and core stabilization as a way to enjoy a pain-free, truly healthy lifestyle.


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